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Christian Eriksen

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Brooklyn Park City Council

East District

My Vision for Brooklyn Park

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The Residents of Brooklyn Park deserve Police and Fire Departments that are well trained and well resourced. These city staff people should be healthy, and their morale is vitally important. At the same time, public safety cannot rest with these professionals alone. Our city, in partnership with other governmental and non-profit organizations, must equip every resident with the tools they need to build their physical and economic safety.

Creative development and redevelopment that benefits residents and businesses in every part of our city. Brooklyn Park needs to look beyond warehouses and fast food to build an economy that benefits us all, for decades to come, and showcases the strengths and assets of our community.

All residents must feel fully a part of their community through strong neighborhoods, civic engagement, parks and amenities, and engaged council members and staff who proactively respond to residents.

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