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Jeff Lunde 

Hennepin County Commissioner,

former Brooklyn Park Mayor

Over the past several years, I have experienced Christian to be a person who understands city government, who looks at issues carefully, who considers a variety of different positions, and who will be a good colleague in leadership.


Tonja West-Hafner Brooklyn Park City Councilmember

I encourage you to vote for Christian Eriksen for City Council - East District!

Christian was my opponent in the last election and I was able to witness first hand his integrity and decency along with his passion for Brooklyn Park. These worthy attributes were illuminated when I won by a slim margin.  He was gracious, kind, and open to working with me to make Brooklyn Park a place for all. He was willing to put the good of the city in front of his personal interests by not requesting a taxpayer funded recount.

I know he will work in partnership with everyone, regardless of political views, to create positive outcomes.

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Dr. Aja King Brooklyn Park Human Rights Commission Chair

Christian and I have worked on the Human Rights Commission for over 3 years. As chair for the Human Rights Commission, I can confidently say that it has been a pleasure working with Christian on prominent issues within the community. Christian serves a reminder of the need for diplomacy and viewing community from an equitable lens. Christian would make a excellent addition to the Brooklyn Park City Council because of his ability approach notable issues with compassion, steadfastness, and unwavering commitment to the values of the community.

Christian is committed to addressing the disparities within Brooklyn Park in collaboration with its residents. This is important to create a more unified and safe community. Through Christian’s dedication, I believe that we can create a thriven community that appeals to all.


I endorse Christian’s candidacy and encourage those who are ready for change to vote for him.


Huldah Hiltsley Community Leader, President of Mwanyagetinge

Christian is the kind of leader that belongs at Brooklyn Park City Hall and thus its my greatest honor to endorse and support him! He has a comprehensive understanding of challenges facing this community and will bring practical and pragmatic approach to drive results for a better BP for all. Christian has a clear vision for this community. I have witnessed first-hand his community-centered approach to leadership, exceptional work ethic and extensive resume of lived experiences. I have no doubt Christian will be the kind of leader who will be intentional about seeking out new ideas and different perspectives, will weigh the alternatives and consider possible outcomes while collaborating with key stakeholders to develop sustainable solutions that will meet the needs of this community.

His commitment to serve is rooted in his love for this community. I have admired his ability to lead with facts but at the same time with integrity, empathy and compassion. Christian will bring a powerful voice for justice, advocacy and equity rooted in servant leadership. In politics, many show up when its convenient, or when there is something to gain, and then there are people like Christian who continuously showed up to serve because of the love and passion he has for this community.  That is why, I truly believe he has what it takes to champion and deliver a SAFE, VIBRANT and thriving COMMUNITY for all.

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Tekoa Cochran

Founder of tenant advocacy organization The Village BP

Christian has been a consistent presence at and advocate for Huntington Place residents and for safe and affordable housing for all in our community.

In his role as a Brooklyn Park Human Rights Commissioner, he has been integral to bringing to light the issues tenants face in our community. Where many in our local government have ignored the plight of Huntington, Christian has rolled up his sleeves, continually showing up and advocating for change.

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Chelsea Youngquist 

Brooklyn Park Human Rights Commissioner

Christian is a highly engaged and experienced community leader and public servant. Through our mutual community work and the HRC, I've learned that Christian's experience, intelligence, and temperament are a breath of fresh air in the current political climate. He is thoughtful, respectful, and deliberate.

While progressive, Christian listens and works to find common ground regardless of politics. He made a commitment to clean politics and has vowed not to attack any candidate for any office in Brooklyn Park.

Christian’s vision for Brooklyn Park includes comprehensive public safety, with all stakeholders at the table. He has a strong sense of equity, and I have watched him work to ensure all voices are heard.

East District, I encourage you to vote for my friend and colleague, Christian Eriksen. He is the leader Brooklyn Park deserves on City Council.

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