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Why should I care about this?

Why should I be concerned about my city government?

1. You pay for it. About 1/3rd of your property tax bill goes to the city government. 2. In Brooklyn Park, the city government provides you with clean, safe drinking water. 3. Your city government provides for law enforcement and fire protection. 4. The city government maintains almost all of the parkland and amenities in the city. 4. The city is responsible for building and maintaining almost all of the residential streets, and some of the arterial streets in the city. 5. The city government determines licensing for many types of businesses including hotels, restaurants, tattoo parlors, and garbage haulers. 6. The city enforces building safety and building codes through building permits and inspectors. 7. The city has the power to enforce city codes that determine where you can park and when, how long your grass can be, what types, and how many pets you can keep in your home, where you garbage cans are stored, and many others. Every day you use a service or are subject to a law or regulation passed by the city government.

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